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Built by Industry Professionals for Licensed Professionals!  The Greatest State C.E.'s Available. 

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We offer the greatest State of Texas required C.E.'s!  Texas is not only the Greatest State in the Union, it's truly a way of life. Every single  State Certified C.E. available was developed in the Great State of Texas for professionals.  If you are a Texan in need of State C.E.'s,  please show that Pride and spend in Texas!    Texas has the 10th largest economy among the nations of the entire world!  Invest in Texas Companies, shop local and support our great state!  

A Texas proud parent company of LoneStar C.E.®

The Absolute Greatest State C.E.'s on the Market for Professional Insurance Adjusters, Agents, Producers and Educators!   Our C.E.'s are certified!  This Certification guarantees an not only an attendee's success, but skills, retention, and knowledge.  No Test, Just Success!

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